Hugh Mackay

Social researcher and novelist

If you’re looking for advice about running a more ethical, sustainable business, it’s best to consult someone who has demonstrated a long-haul commitment to corporate social responsibility and a deep understanding of corporate culture. Steve Drury was advising his clients on the principles and practice of social engagement long before such concepts became fashionable.

Roger Till

Managing Director – Integra Packaging (Group)

Since 2005, SDCOM has handled our brand and exposure via marketing communications. Steve has led our branding process, our exposure to key industry sectors – and advises our continuing development of the Integra Packaging offer.

Steve offers much more than just PR. He understands our Company, our capabilities, our people and culture. He has been instrumental in bringing our story to life through sector media, forums, collaterals – and through strategic contacts and advisors in industry and government.

I recommend Steve’s ability to look both within and outside company ‘borders’ and help shape communications which provide value and extend reputation.


David Freeman

Principal Director, The Research, Training & Development Institute of Australia

Steve has a holistic approach which does not forego attention to detail as the primary foci. Steve takes an organisation beyond tomorrow to long-lasting sustainable outcomes, not only for the client, but also for humanity and the environment. Not only his clients, but also his colleagues, recommend his approach.

(David Freeman and Associates is a skilled, thoughtful, business development and mentoring agency. Its specialised support spans a wide range of client sectors).

Bill Hauritz AM

Founder & Director, Woodford Festival

Steve has always guided us with wisdom born from experience, passion for what he does and careful attention to detail. His work is always underpinned with an unselfish spirit of generosity and ethics.

In the last 30 years, this Festival has drawn 2.8 million (aggregate) people, exposed over 30,000 artists and speakers, provided 35,623+ shows forums & exhibitions, helped skill & educate tens of thousands of its team members & patrons; in fact 47,345 unique volunteers have participated over time. It’s a big classroom!. With an annual budget of $12.5 million, the last festival has had an economic impact of $30million generating 246 (full time equivalent) jobs.