Corporate / Projects / Engagement

The P.A. People

We consult to the Company on a wide-ranging agenda including business development, corporate communications, sales & marketing. The Company is a leading designer and supplier of installed audio and audio-visual equipment & support services and a leading global, independent supplier of major event communications equipment/services.

International Green Awards – Australia

We worked with MOSS (sustainable business peak body) to conduct the Awards here for the first time – engaging speakers, media outlets, and logistical assistance. With significant media attention, 600 attendees and events in five States, the IGA provided a platform to expose forum audiences to leading case studies & presentations by some of Australia’s largest and most innovative organisations.


A review of the Bank’s community engagement activities revealed the extent of positive employee sentiment. Improving effective reporting of these programs helped staff to appreciate their true value and enhance their understanding of the Bank’s external community contribution.

VISA International

We consulted with VISA agencies and leadership regarding programs to expand their social engagement commitment. A consumer insight enquiry assisted their stakeholder review process and outcome assessment.

Integra Packaging

The Company was keen to explore a broad approach to sustainability. With Integra management, we have undertaken a long-term process with staff and customers to demonstrate better practice. Community engagement, staff retention, new technologies and corporate governance now underpin a progressive operational and growth policy.

SRS wool

Genetic development of a new merino sheep breed has led to outstanding results. Higher fertility, superior fleece qualities, and overall performance of the animal is meeting leading international retailer requirement for non-mulesed wool.  Employing ethical farming practices, this fibre is brought to market through a traceable supply chain.

SOS Sustainable House Project

The Project brought together 80 diverse companies, 3 levels of Government plus schools and community – to promote improved sustainability in housing design, building products and construction practice. Referenced through collaterals, forums and events, this Project won an AIA award and is a NSW Government reference project for their ‘Green Street’ initiative.

Nangara Eco House

On the NSW north coast – a project to demonstrate a sustainable response to housing in a local context is now complete. Progressive technologies, solar power, water saving solutions and thermally-efficient design are employed. Partnerships, media attention and open house access ensure that people can experience better practice in building at close range.

Northside Physical Medicine

A Sydney-based GP practice with special interest in musculo-skeletal medicine; our advisory role assists development of the practice & its professional alliances.

BHI Architects

SDCOM engages with BHI on strategic & corporate communications advice & planning. We work on relationships and alliances which add value to the firm’s offering. Their highly capable team works locally and internationally on projects of significance for corporate, civic and government clients.

Events / Forums

Stadium Australia

Pre-Olympic ‘test’ events in 1999 with – Bledesloe Cup, Centenary Test, FIFA soccer game, Stadium Opening.  We engaged with Events management on aspects of the pre-test of the Venue for Olympic preparation and liaised with government, sponsors, suppliers, and clients. We provided representation with Australian Rugby Union which facilitated Stadium usage.

British Airways Concorde Charter

We provided management of advertising/promotion of the first Concorde flight to New Zealand, timed to commemorate the passing of Halleys Comet. The flight was reported by international media, and was celebrated with events and activities in New Zealand.

British Author Tour

We originated and directed a tour event in Australia, NZ, USA – drawing 15,000 people to 22 events in the three countries – managing all tour activities – sponsorship, staff, ticketing, advertising/promotion, artists, venues, merchandising etc.

Annual Creative Arts Conference

Consultant director for 4 years  of an annual event attracting 5,000 delegates across 20 Sydney venues, managing a staff & faculty of 300, with responsibility for marketing, promotion, venues, database, transport and finance.

Strategic / Partnership / Community

Models of Success and Sustainability

Australia’s peak body ( for corporate social responsibility and sustainable business. MOSS conducts national CSR forums, partners with corporate, government and civic stakeholders and provides national leadership for the CSR agenda. We have engaged for 4 years and are a member.

World Vision/Sony

We negotiated relationship arrangements which engaged a mainline artist in a reputation-building, artist/tour-based campaign. Outcomes: corporate social responsibility involvement for Sony and access to audiences and third-world child sponsor recruitment for World Vision.

Habitat for Humanity/Honeywell

We facilitated staff engagement and team-building around construction of low-cost housing in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. An effective partnership between corporate, charity, civic and community assisted the project outcome through media liaison and stakeholder engagement.

Woodford Festival

Consultation/advice to Australia’s largest cultural event – with a 24-year history, $11mil annual budget, and a 120,000 cumulative audience over 6 days. An 8-year relationship has added value to aspects of event analysis, marketing policy and corporate engagement.

UNHCR presentation

We facilitated a presentation to the Human Rights Commission (UNHCR) in Geneva, involving key speaker briefing and international legal representation – resulting in a sustained human rights outcome.

2020 Summit

We arranged a client submission/delegate participation in the Federal Government Summit with an industry sector leadership focus. We managed client brief, Government and media liaison.

Sunnyfield Independence

We provided a corporate relations / community engagement role for a leading disability service provider including media liaison, project oversight, event management. Outcomes included social engagement opportunities for corporate partners / support & exposure benefit for the disability charity.

Community consultation

We managed 48 team-led programs of extensive activity delivering values/ethics seminars via schools, tertiary institutions, public meetings, civic contact and media appearances in multiple locations nationally.